8 Things I've Learned Using an iPad for Presentations December 27, 2018

I spent a year giving talks from an iPad instead of a laptop. Here are the lessons I learned along the way.

How to Properly Engage with AWS Enterprise Support December 17, 2018

The Dos and Don'ts of working with Enterprise Support. You'd be surprised how often well-intentioned AWS customers get this one wrong.

reInvent 2018 Releases December 03, 2018

I recount the releases of re:Invent to the tune of "The Nations of the World"

AWS Lays Groundwork for New AI/ML Push November 21, 2018

AWS renames a service, hinting at something much bigger to come.

How To Prepare for a Tech Conference Talk November 19, 2018

Giving talks is hard. Here's what I've learned that may make it easier...

I'm an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner November 08, 2018

I got my first AWS cert!

S3 Bucket Responsibility November 01, 2018

It's not always about shaming people.

The 2018 Last Week in AWS Charity T-Shirt Drive October 20, 2018

What's the point of being snarky if you can't use it to do some good?

Disaster Recovery Considerations in AWS October 02, 2018

Because "everything is on fire right now" means it's too late to plan.

Inconsolable Yubikeys Now AWS Consoled September 25, 2018

Yubikeys now supported as a second factor!

Reader, Inbox, and the GCP Consequences Thereof September 13, 2018

GCP is a wonderful technology platform. Unfortunately, it's run by Google.

AWS CodeBuild as a Publishing Platform September 07, 2018

Because Serverless Wordpress remains a far-off dream.

VMware Buys CloudHealth, Pushes Stupid Multi-Cloud Narrative August 27, 2018

Nothing gold can stay, it seems, and all things must either die in their time or else be acquired by a large company whose star is fading...

A Notable Caveat August 22, 2018

T3 instances have launched to moderate acclaim-- but there's a new default behavior that you should know about.

The Post AWS's Billing Team Could Have Written But Didn't August 16, 2018

In defense of not having a single AWS account for your environment.

"S3 is faster" Doesn't Do it Justice July 20, 2018

A little known S3 architectural problem has been resolved almost silently.

Put Down the Pitchfork, AWS Didn't Steal Your Dunning-Krugerrands April 24, 2018

AWS isn't responsible for the entire internet's infrastructure. Yet.

What I Don't See From AWS Support April 20, 2018

I have thoughts on AWS support that I would like to share with you.

A Chat with AWSgeek November 05, 2017

Corey catches up with Jerry Hargrove, better known as AWSgeek for a chat about his Visual Service Summaries.

A Static Headache October 25, 2017

In which I realize that the process of injecting custom headers to a CloudFront distribution is so convoluted that you'd swear I was making it up.

Freedom's Expiration Date October 14, 2017

I have no earthly idea what my Free Tier usage is about to cost me. This is a problem that only Amazon can solve.

EBS Snapshots Now Support Cost Allocation May 23, 2017

A long-missing cost allocation feature arrives at last.

S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage is Dead April 13, 2017

Reduced Redundancy storage still exists, but you don't want to use it.

RI Coverage Reports: AWS Hits You With the Shame Stick March 20, 2017

Quoth the AWS raven: your RI coverage is bad and you should feel bad.

Buying Reserved Instances just got a lot easier. March 14, 2017

An incredibly painful process has become marginally less painful.